Carol Evans ; guitar & vocals; Carol moved to Brazil at the age of eight
and soon became a "Brasileira de Coração," or Brazilian at Heart.
Growing up in Rio de Janeiro and studying guitar from the age of
eleven, Carol went on to study classical and jazz guitar at the
prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston.

Musicians who currently play, or have played with Carol include:

Bill Ronstadt; bass; Bill has been playing guitar and bass professionally
in Tucson for almost 40 years. Bill plays in several other bands of
varying styles, including bluegrasss and Western. He dearly loves
Brazilian music, and was a member of "Sounds of Brazil", a
Tucson-based band in the 1990s.

Duane Reilley; saxophone; flute & clarinet. Duane was a professional
musician on the East coast for many years, and now lives in Sierra
Vista, where he teaches privately, and performs all over Southern
Arizona in a variety of styles; his specialty is jazz.

Greg Armstrong; sax & flute; Greg lived in Tucson until recently. He
plays tenor & soprano saxophone and flute. Greg is a professional
musician well known for his jazz abilities as well as his performances
with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and other local musical groups.
He now resides in San Diego, California.

Matt Mitchell; Matt is known as the one of the best, if not the best, jazz
guitarist in Tucson. He has won several TAMMY awards, and plays on
a range of guitars, in a range of styles from classical, gypsy, rock, jazz
& klezmar to Brazilian choro & Bossa Nova.

Richard Sullivan; Richard is a professional flautist who has performed
jazz all over the West. He currently plays Choro music with his
Brazilian wife, Maria Helena Faraz, who is a professional pianist.

Kyle Vietti; Kyle is a drummer & percussionist living in Tucson, who
also performs in a Rhythm & Blues Band called the Bryant-Whittier

Mark Vietti; Mark is a drummer & percussionist, married to Kyle, who
also plays in the Bryant-Whittier Band.

Bill Martinez; Billy is a Tucson native who has travelled extensively in
Brazil and participated in several Brazilian percussion workshops and
trainings. He is now a master percussionist who performs in various
groups and gives lessons & workshops about Brazilian percussion.

"Sem Fantasia"
features Kyle &
Mark Vietti on
drums &